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Farmers Markets/Local Food Markets

  • Must be held regularly
  • Must have at least 50% of stalls offering local produce and include products from the within the South Downs and buffer zone.
  • Those local producers should be within 30 miles of the market site.


  • Must have a good local food and drink element with food and/or drinks available to purchase or eat on site.
  • Must promote local food and drink production e.g. ploughing matches, agricultural shows
  • Could have a local food and drink educational element included
  • Local food and drink trade events (e.g. Meet the buyer events)

Community Project

  • Local food and drink projects which include the local community
  • Local food and drink must be the main component of the project
  • Educational projects which include local food and drink and promote healthy eating


  • Cookery Schools who use and promote local food and drink in some of their courses. At least one product per category from the following must be included in courses/demonstrations
    • Meat, poultry, fish & game
    • Fruit & vegetables
    • Eggs & dairy products
    • Bakery
    • Drinks
    • Condiments and confectionery
  • Local Producers who also offer courses or visits to their premises
  • Hospitality businesses who offer demonstrations or lessons using local products (see cookery schools above)
  • Professional and sector specific training which has a food element e.g. food safety, SALSA, ‘Routes to Market’
  • Local food tours e.g. Gourmet Bus Tours, South Downs Food Trails

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